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SMOOCH is about defining beauty on our own terms. No rules. No struggle toward perfection. No boring beauty standards. Just us, playing with how we want to look, feel, and live. SMOOCH is here to help with products that are crazy clean, super easy, and always fun. Made with love to create better options for us and our friends. Cause it’s about time that the brands we buy actually want us to be happy by just being ourselves. 



Our mission is to drive the self-love movement to infinity and beyond. We aim to provide the most premium quality products at affordable price points. Offering our customers affordable luxury skincare that works and beauty essentials.

Message from our Founder

Smooch Skincare is a brand and product range birthed from my pure obsession with skincare. Having researched and tried most brands on the market, I decided to develop a brand that is loved and a product range that is natural, advanced and doesn’t hold back with delivering phenomenal results. 


As part of the generation that sparked the ‘self care’ movement and as a woman who believes anything is possible if done with love, passion and a good heart - Smooch Skincare promises to exceed expectations and always with a smile”


- Alisha Ramasar

founder and modern day wonder woman

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